We as the east Zimbabwe conference multicultural department seek provide unique worship For people groups that may not understand local native language or culture. We seek to minister to them for the duration they are with us in the country. Multicultural ministry is the development and implementation of varied models of communicating the gospel through beliefs and behaviors that are sensitive to the needs of a culturally diverse population. The ministry creates a community that celebrates unity in diversity in Christ

The Lord Jesus came to our world to save men and women of all nationalities. 

Ellen. G. White


Reflecting Christ through our daily lifestyle.


To preach Christ unto all Nations, as with our biblical mission.


Christlikeness. Respect. Culture.


To create self sufficient church member who finds refuge in the church 7 days a week by creating self help skills for the church. Nurturing members and non members by building a community center.


We Believe

W e believe that the Lord has His people in different parts, we as the multicultural department of East Zimbabwe Conference, we seeks to ensure that the gospel caters for all people types, focusing mainly on foreigners and ethic groups that may occasionally worship in our churches.
We seek to make disciples of Christ which will later be Ambassadors of Christ when they go back to their native lands. Thus we spread the message of the Lord with in and without our territory.

department resource files

The East Zimbabwe Conference Department Director has availed these resources for church use. On this platform you will find useful files and information that relates to this department. These files and resources can be downloaded for use by church departmental directors and church Elders or any other personnel of your local churches to help ease their work in ministry.         



Here you can download the department itinerary or any other availed files from the Director’s office. 

Strategic Document

An overview of the vision and strategic plan of the department. Download a copy of the strategic document.

Resource Files

Download files such as presentations, manuals, programs and other resources as availed by the Director.

We believe in ministering even unto those of different cultures and race from us. We hope and trust the LORD will continue to guide us as we all serve in His ministry.

Pastor Darrel Katusha  

Associate Director, Multicultural Ministries


East Zimbabwe Conference

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Harare, Zimbabwe


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