Our Mission


As a church, we exist to make others look good, we are here to make churches, schools and health facilities flourish, we do it by involving our community and our members, training and equipping them. We do this because we have a Wonderful Savior and a message second to none and we are pleased to be involved in the mission that God has given us. We know we are doing well, when our schools are doing well, when our health facilities are thriving and our communities heeding to the advent message.

East Zimbabwe Conference is one of the two conferences that are under the Zimbabwe East Union Conference and is the biggest of the two, having a larger territory and subsequently greater membership base. Our territory stretches from Harare’s CBD and all goes all the way to Manicaland having 290 churches that appear on geo location.

The work of health reform is the Lord’s

means for lessening suffering in our world and for purifying His church. 

Ellen. G. White


Christ-like membership.


To call and prepare people in our territory and beyond to become Disciples of Christ in the context of Revelation 14:6-12.


Integrity, unity, accountability, teamwork, efficiency and innovation.


East Zimbabwe Conference is a Seventh-day Adventist organisation, which is a constituent part of the Zimbabwe East Union Conference of the SDA Church, a part of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of SDA Church, a unit of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Strategic Objectives

Membership Growth: Increase by at least 20% of current membership by year 2020 (Include baptismal figures).

Member retention and Spiritual growth: Retain at least 80% of the new converts. ii. At least 90% of members active in home and church programs. Raise member faithfulness level to at least 50% in Tithes & 30% in Offerings. Raise support for church projects by members to at least 80%. Encourage professional and expert voluntary services to the church by members. Raise awareness and participation in environmental awareness and public affairs. (Pastor, church/ Member ratio)

Staff Welfare and Development: Attract and retain competent staff. !12 ii. Develop all staff members to be competent in their duties and responsibilities by 2019. iii. Provide a caring and responsive staff social security plan during and after service. iv. Support staff self-development career initiatives aligned to organizational requirements. v. Create and fill the position of Human Resources Administrator for the Conference and its institutions.

Corporate Governance: Formulate clearly defined policies and procedures in all operational areas. Be compliant with all relevant statutory requirements and church policies. Behave in an ethical and morally upright manner at all times.  Create an effective and efficient governance model for our schools with the principal as the ranking officer. Establish boards for all church institutions including primary and secondary schools. Ensure all boards meet at least once a quarter.

Financial Performance: Grow revenue by at least 40% annually. Grow reserves to at least three months cover by 2020. Achieve clean audit reports annually for the conference and its institutions.